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Patients and OHIP Getting Scammed By Dr Jerry Tenenbaum

There have always been reports about some doctors scamming the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and patients. However, such reports have just as expected always been strongly refuted by the authorities. This has been the trend for quite some time now and with no form of concrete evidence, it always looked like the authorities would at any point in time find a way to cover up such misdeeds in the medical profession. All hope was almost lost until the Toronto Star came out with its report on how it has been able to investigate countless numbers of cases involving medical practitioners scamming both patients and the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

According to the Toronto Star’s report, the issue of doctors scamming patients and benefiting from the OHIP has been ongoing for ages. Their report also brought to light how some of these doctors have been able to manipulate things in their favour. Some of the methods put in place by these doctors included overbooking of patients and ordering them to undergo unnecessary but expensive laboratory tests charged to taxpayers through OHIP.

Quite recently, a lot of issues were raised concerning how Dr Jerry Tenenbaum was abusing the rights of his patients and also overbooking them whilst also asking them to undergo very expensive lab tests. Various negative reviews were then written about him but the authorities never took it serious even when he caused an energetic old lady to become completely bedridden.

Until the report by Toronto Star, a lot of people were of the view that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum was just being wicked and rude to his patients. However, it appears that his reported rudeness was just a method he adopted  to push patients though his Office the exploitation of OHIP.

In the Star’s report, some of the doctors were able to state that there worked between 356 to 364 days within a calendar year billing almost over one hundred thousand patients. Some also claimed to have been able to interpret over 100,000 scans in a year. By attending to such a large number of patients, these doctors were able to benefit hugely from the OHIP’s fee-for-service claims.

The Toronto Star’s report has now made clear the main reasons why Dr Jerry Tenenbaum was seen to be rude and always in a hurry to get patients out of his consulting room. Some of the reviews about him on RateMDS.com made it clear that he never spent enough time with any single patient. However, it remains to be seen how this report by the Toronto Star will be covered up.

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