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Dr Jerry Tenenbaum: How Patients Can Get Scammed

Reviews upon reviews have been written by disgruntled patients who had the unpleasant experience of visiting Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum's consulting room. Common to genuine online reviews was the fact that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum was apparently always quick to dismiss a patient from his consulting room without taking time to properly understand the ailment of the patient. On the surface, it always appeared like Dr Jerry Tenenbaum was simply impolite and had no iota of empathy for his patients. However, a recent publication by the Toronto Star has completely blown the lid off on the reasons why Dr Tenenbaum and some other doctors behaved in that manner. Was there a ploy to scam patients in order to make huge gains from the OHIP?

With the Ontario Health Insurance Plan making use of the Fee-for-Service claim, Dr Tenenbaum and these other doctors appears to have simply kept on overbooking patients just to make sure that they are able to submit a large number of claims to OHIP.

According to the Toronto Star’s reportage, some of these doctors claim to examine numerous patients daily who were needlessly prescribed tests and other procedures. The question then is how are they able to do this? With just 24 hours in a day and considering the fact that these doctors will also sleep and do other personal things, one is left to wonder the duration it takes for doctors like Dr Jerry Tenenbaum and others to deal with a patient’s situation.

Is the main motive of these doctors is simply to enrich themselves at the expense of the country whilst putting the lives of countless numbers of patients at risk? They simply see their patients as lab rats and a means to an end?

It is therefore not surprising to find out that it was at the hands of Dr Jerry Tenenbaum that Dezrin Carby-Samuels has now been rendered bedridden. This is an elderly woman who was once very energetic and full of life. However, after having Dr Jerry Tenenbaum as her primary healthcare provider, she has completely lost her ability to talk, walk or even write. Aside his rude behaviour and lack of empathy for his patients, Dr Jerry Tenenbaum is also known to prescribe medications that a patient is allergic to. A clear case of this is his prescription of bottles of Tylenol and nasal spray for Dezrin even though it was clearly stated she was allergic to nasal sprays.

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