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Toronto Mount Sinai's Dr Jerry Tenenbaum Fails Patients Miserably

Many patients have complained online about Dr Jerry Tenenbaum. But Dezrin happens to be among those who have suffered the most. She is now completely immobile and can no longer write or even speak. When doctors who are charged with ensuring that the lives of citizens are enhanced instead end up endangering such lives, then something is really wrong somewhere. If after taking an oath to always serve the public, a doctor is able to go after riches at the expense of human lives then the higher authorities need to check the conduct of such doctors.

News carried out by the Toronto Star brought to light how some doctors within Canada scams their patients and Canada's public taxpayer supported system. At a point when it seemed like nothing could ever be done about this outrageous practices by Dr Jerry Tenenbaum and other doctors like him, the Toronto Star’s report has added a whole new dimension to the case. At first people in higher positions refused to rectify the situation but with the government getting to know how some doctors are illegally benefitting from the OHIP, it won’t be long before heads start rolling.

An doctorwho is able to place the life of another individual in harm’s way without any feeling of remorse ought not tp be supported by taxpayers . All doctors found of engaging in any form of conduct that is contrary to those enshrined in the rules and regulations governing the conduct of medical practitioners should always be brought to book and made to answer for their misdeeds. How can a human being in a profession mandated to save lives put the life of another human in danger all in a bid to make more money from the government?

From the Toronto Star’s report, it can now be vividly seen that Dezrin Carby-Samuels was just a victim of Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s wicked schemes. No amount of money can be used to purchase human life but sadly it appears like some doctors don't really value the lives of their patients.

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