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Natural Remedies For Kids

Keep your family healthy this new school year. Learn all about preventive strategies and natural remedies for common childhood ailments from a naturopathic physician and children’s health expert.

During the crazy back-to-school days of September, families are gearing up for what feels like a new year. Both parents and children alike are adjusting to new schedules, and getting sleep routines and nutrition back in check.

September also marks the onset of cold and flu season and the nervous jitters that come with managing academics, extracurricular activities, and social engagements. But it’s also a great time of year to reboot your family’s health, check in with your health care practitioner, and fill your toolbox with natural remedies to fight off common childhood ailments.

Here are the top four reasons parents bring their school-aged kids to my office during the back-to-school transition, and what I recommend for natural treatments.


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