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Natural Lifestyle Passion Prompts Hemp Company, Says Founder

Kwan Smith, founder and chief executive officer of Infinity Hemp Bermuda, has disclosed that his passion for a natural lifestyle and eastern medicine led to his involvement in the hemp distribution business.

Founded in 2017, Smith revealed his interest aroused while doing a degree in psychology.

“Ever since then I have had the intention of contributing to the growth of consciousness in this field,” he said. “The creation of Infinity Hemp Bermuda has been the outcome of a passionate observation of the global health crisis, and the destructive persistence of unnatural means of existing.”

Due to the lack of attention to the safe benefits of natural resources current existing, Smith then proceeded to explore the world of hemp (cannabis sativa I.) as viable solution to numerous imbalances in the society. In recent times, Hemp has been naturally cultivated for its cannabidiol (CBD)—used in creating health products such as CBD dabs—and has legal distinctions from tetrahydocannabinol (THC).

Smith said that CBD is one of the numerous cannabiniods present inside hemp and stalk seed oil. Also, clinical research concludes that the endocannabinoid system is majorly responsible for managing homeostasis—the body’s natural condition of balance.

According to the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), cannabidiol is no longer prohibited, and this proves the authenticity of industrial hemps—containing less than 0.3 per cent THC—as an organic medicine. “This new change to the schedule will impact athletic organisations worldwide. Athletes and other fitness professionals, if you’ve waited to try CBD, now is the time,” said Smith.

Smith discussed the benefits and origins of hemp products and its uses in several sectors such as food, medicine, clothing, building, fuel, and safety—adding that “hemp is perhaps the most versatile plant on Earth”. He also wants to shed a positive light on the perceptions of cannabis, citing its potentials in medicine.

“It is our goal to help facilitate a more tangible framework for locals who have been suffering from illnesses that require them to travel abroad to get the ideal treatments,” he said.

Smith said that his company is the first local hemp product provider to have sales point in different location, and plans on keeping its prices competitive.

“It is important to maintain a realistic level of affordability for the community, so that they may find commonality in the use of hemp in everyday life.”

The company’s product include body products, cosmetics, vape and glass products, edibles and many other products that haven’t been experienced locally,

Smith added that the products are all vegan, organic, and kosher, and adhere to government regulations on hemp products.

In November last year, Minister of Health, Kim Wilson, explained the new rules.

“After some years handling the requests and doing further research and consultation, it was determined that CBD-containing products with less than 1 per cent THC could be safely reclassified as an over-the-counter medicine rather than a controlled substance,” Wilson said.

“This will eliminate the unnecessary burden of processing applications and remove access barriers, based on the low level of risk attributed to the substance. This approach is consistent with that of other jurisdictions. For example, the UK has recently classified CBD oil as a medicine.”

“Accordingly, CBD with less than 1 per cent THC content will also be available over the counter, by a registered pharmacist in a pharmacy,” he explained.

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