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Dinner For Me and You A cozy vegan Valentine’s dinner for two

This Valentine’s Day, create some heat in the kitchen by cooking up a cozy vegan dinner with your Valentine that is sure to put you in a loving mood.

While Valentine’s Day may conjure up images of red roses and heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates, it is also an important day to recognize and show love, gratitude, and appreciation to all those important to you. What better way to express “I love you” and tug at the heartstrings of a special sweetie than with an intimate home-cooked meal à deux? Enter: these vegan Valentine’s Day recipes.

With a few simple décor ideas to create a romantic mood at home, you can avoid the Valentine’s restaurant rush and really personalize an evening to remember. These recipes focus on a seasonal menu that encourages cozying up with your significant other.

Most everything can be prepared well in advance, leaving you ample time to enjoy the company of your loved one. However, if you’re nervous about preparing an entire multicourse meal on your own, invite your Valentine to help. Taking the time to cook together is not only fun, but it can also lead to some very tasty and saucy results.

So this Valentine’s Day, think outside the traditional card and spread positive emotions and good feelings through the loving act of preparing food for someone you care about.

Mood makers

No matter what you’re serving for the meal, amp up the romance with these easy flourishes that are sure to put you and your special someone in the right frame of mind.

  • Throw on a music playlist that both you and your Valentine enjoy.
  • Forget setting the table and set up a blanket along with a pile of pillows in a cozy corner. Eating picnic-style encourages snuggling and the act of
  • feeding each other.
  • Candles (make them soy) will cast a magical spell of flickering light that is sure to encourage romantic vibes. Just make sure they’re displayed in the appropriate candle holders and placed on window sills, countertops, and other safe surfaces.
  • No candles? No problem. Dig out a string or two of holiday lights and drape them around your dining area. Their twinkling light is sure
    to encourage a flirty atmosphere.
  • Adding small personal touches that you know will make your Valentine swoon is sure to win you major brownie points. Setting out picture frames with memories of the good times you have had together, breaking open a special bottle of bubbly you both love, or simply writing your significant other a love letter can really set the tone for romance.

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