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Phone Sex: Who wants to be hypnotized?

Hypnotism is a lost art.  Most phone sex girls who say they can hypnotize, really can’t, but that’s ok, because they probably know the right way to make it feel like you’re in a trance.

When choosing a girl to hypnotize you (to the best of her abilities), you’re looking for someone who knows what hypnotism in phone sex is and who has a sooth sounding voice.

Once you have that, here is what you as a caller need to do.

  1. Find a place where you can be comfortable and relaxed. Laying on the bed is great, but you can also sit up in a chair.  Sometimes when you’re laying down you might fall asleep unwittingly and defeat the purpose of being hypnotized.
  2. Prior to the call, once you’re in your comfortable location, make sure your mind is clear and relaxed.  Your body isn’t the only thing that should be relaxed.  Take your cock out and play with it for a bit, just lightly, no hard stroking, just light enough to make it semi hard.
  3. When you’re on the call, close your eyes, relax, take deep breaths while she’s talking to you.  If you have found a good phone girl, then she should be telling you to do all of this anyway.
  4. Listen to not only the words she’s saying, but the sound of her voice.  Really take it in, her voice should be soft and soothing and make you feel completely at ease.
  5. Make sure the phone girl knows what you’re looking for when it comes to your hypnotism.  Some clients just want to be told how to stroke it and make it feel like the girl is controlling their hand; others like the girl to get into their mind and bring out hidden details; you have to tell your phone girl, or she’ll never know.
  6. Once out of your trance, the feeling is similar to what you feel after having a massage or giving blood.  You should feel a little weak, sleepy, and relaxed.  So, take a second before cleaning yourself up or standing up.  Let your mind catch up to your body.

Do all of these, and you’re in for a fantastic hypnosis session!

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