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Total Body Wellness and Healthy Eating Strategies

Are you feeling lethargic, bloated and lacking general motivation? Sedentary lifestyles and poor eating choices can wreak havoc on our metabolic systems. To perform at optimal capacity, the body requires constant movement and quality fuel.  While not much has changed with the basic functions of the human body in centuries, scientific research on total body wellness has exploded in recent decades. It’s understandable to become completely overwhelmed with the constant barrage of diet and exercise advice blaring from nearly every major media outlet.  Get back to basics. Stay healthy and living an active life style is not complicated. Turn off the noise and put on your athletic shoes. Take this simple advice from the health and wellness experts to start on a path to total body wellness and healthy eating strategies. Today is the best day to get started.The single greatest change you can make to your diet is the elimination of fast food meals and sugary sodas. Copious amounts of added sugars and sodium have a host of negative side effects. Our bodies are simply not designed to process these additives in excess quantities. Side effects include high blood pressure, weight gain, onset diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels, energy swings and lethargy. No doubt this sounds alarming. It is. If you make no other changes in your diet other than the elimination of fast foods and sugary sodas you will have made a huge initial impact on improving your metabolism and overall health.

You don’t need to be an executive chef or have an unlimited budget or endless hours to make healthy eating choices. Planning is the key to success. You never know, cooking may become your new hobby. Following healthy and mindful eating practices will result in seriously positive changes to your body and well-being. Take the time on the weekend to plan healthy meals and snacks for the week. Fresh vegetables and lean proteins should be the key ingredients in your diet. The darker and richer the color of the vegetables, the greater the density is of nutrients. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and maintain the necessary levels of vitamins and nutrients by selecting from the huge assortment of supplements available through MediFast.As you become more proficient in selecting ingredients, your intake of vitamins and nutrients will stem more from food choices than from supplements. Avoid overly processed foods that contain multiple ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Portion volume is just as important as quality of ingredients. Vegetable portions should be roughly the size of your open palm and protein portions should be roughly the size of your fist.

Finally, take baby steps. Don’t make drastic changes or try to survive on too few calories for your body size and type. This will only serve to slow your metabolism. Within a few short weeks of healthy eating you’ll begin to have more energy, feel less bloating and lethargy and most likely lose a few pounds in the process. Best of luck to you on your healthy eating journey!

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